The Person Element

So, I never really formally introduced myself. Champion Luke Gabriel. Okay. Now give me one of those AA meeting “Hi Champion” things and we’re good.

This is the Person Element. This blog sets fire to the notion of the human element. Hail, you’re all humans, but you’re each an individual person, and I think that’s what people lose sight of the most. Each person matters no matter how much money you have in your pocket (currently 38 cents), what color your skin is (I’m kind of a two-toned waste spill), or whatever your status is (hello ladies). This blog won’t just be confined to one thing like any follow-up blogs I do. This one… Well, you read this far so eff it.

First things first: I’m a new aspiring author. Yep. I write stuff. And I actually like it. That makes me a dork. Sexiest dork you’ll ever meet. I’m in the process of editing said book (who cares if I didn’t say it?). The process allows me to try and make it perfect like my face.

I’m looking for any aspiring artists to provide cover work for my book as it looks like I might have to self-publish.

The Lions were off last week, but we continue kickin people in the face this Sunday when we take on Miami… No, not the “U”. The Dolphins.

If you need a face to mock or a video to help relieve the stress of our daily mundane (hello Clary) lives, then feel free to check out my youtube channel.

Until next time.. feel free to help yourself to the non-alcoholic apple juice and graham crackers on your way out.