The Person Element


November 19th.

That’s the day I released my first ever book, Point of Attack. This is the first book in The Allverse series. November 19th was the best date because I was reaching the end, and anyone who knows me knows that I have a special place in my heart for the number 19. In fact, it’s evident all throughout Point of Attack. So my book was released to much fanfare. Okay, crumb-sized fanfare. But there was fanfare nonetheless. Over a month later, the sales aren’t chart-topping, but I’ve reached a goal that I had since I was a small CLG running around the very same house I live in now. I wanted to write books. I wanted…. to entertain. I did that with my youtube channel for a while (videos have since been removed), and now, I’m attempting to do it on a grander scale. You achieve that by distributing your content worldwide. As of a few days ago, my book was made available to every major online bookstore:


Google Books

Barnes and Noble



Point of Attack is available at other online retailers, but those five are the major ones. And I’m happy and thrilled to see my work on those sites. In addition, I’m now on Goodreads as an author!


It was a long journey to get to this point, but this is not the end. The goal is to entertain. To do that, people must read Point of Attack, and realize the hidden gem between its two covers. That will land me on the best sellers list, and eventually in Hollywood where I will finally realize my dream of entertaining people. So get out there Versers (don’t know what that is? Read Point of Attack!) and make this dream a reality!


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