The Person Element

Roar goes the Lion. There. That concludes our mandatory (not really) sesame street reference for the day. But the Lions did roar, while picking silver dolphin flesh out of their teeth. It wasn’t exactly pretty but when you’re tied for the second best record in the NFL, what does it matter? Oh, I forgot… The web is home to cowardly trolls who don’t know how to appreciate a good feast when they see one. The Lions trail only the Cardinals for the best record in the entire NFL. Let that sink in, but don’t throw it at me after…

Huge progress on the book front. Cover is done, and I now have a hard date set for its release. The 19th of November. Yep. Nine days from now, “The Allverse: Point of Attack” will be released in all of its sexual glory. Who doesn’t like full-book-frontal-nudity? Here, don’t be ashamed… It’s even safe for work:

Point of Attack4

So… There’s that. And this thing is taking on a life of its own. After the multiple rejections of agents around the world, I have decided to once again do things on my own, and with the help of God, publish this book myself. The price? Oh, because there’s always a price, isn’t there? Well, that’ll be 6.99. That’s less than two Hot-N-Ready’s without the cardboard. I’m extremely excited to see how this turns out and to get the feedback that I know will inevitably come with it. Keep the 19th in mind, and remember, full-book-frontal-nudity is not only a luxury, it’s a right.


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